About Us

About Us

Envirotech Systems Limited is one of the most renowned companies for its Acoustic Solutions. We lead the market with our large range of products and solutions that can cater to almost every acoustic need. Our capability to provide noise control solutions is spread over a number of domains. In our endeavour to reach every nook and corner, it has led us to grow in all directions. We strive to deliver the perfect solution that meets the exact requirement of our client.

Rock Wool

Acoustic Pet Panels

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Acoustic PU Foam

Polyester PET Acoustic Panel

PET Polyester Acoustic Panels (Aco Bord) are acoustically absorbent panels made from 100% PET plastic.

  • Noise Absorption Coefficient: With NRC Systems =0.85
  • Surface: Standard, Grooved and Printed Standard
  • Size & thickness: 1220x2440x9mm
  • Density: 200kgs/m3
  • Material: Polyester Fiber

PET Acoustic Panels

Perforated Acoustic Panels

ENVIROTECH SYSTEMS WOODPERF Prelaminated Perforated Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels, made of Prelaminated High-Quality Medium Density Fiber Board of 600-800kg/m3. The WOODPERF Acoustic Panels having various thickness 12/15/16mm with a perforated pattern hole dia 08/28mm as per acoustic design for better absorption, 08mm dia perforation and 28mm pitch c/c with Square Edge and side line Groove for insert clip fixing.