PET Polyester Acoustic Panels Manufacturer

Envirotech is the top manufacturer of Acoustic products in India. PET Polyester Acoustic Panel are acoustically absorbent panels made from 100% PET plastic with a felt-like finish. These Polyester Acoustic Panels are porous, making them ideal for Acoustic Treatment, sound absorption, heat, and thermal insulation. PET Panel comprises flame retardant fibbers and is an Eco-friendly product. These Panels can be applied for both Wall Paneling and False Ceiling.

It produces no harmful substances when compared to Fiberglass wool insulation or Mineral Rock wool insulation. Reducing noise reverberations and echoes is a prime function of this sustainable architecture. These panels are available in shapes and sizes for any speaker application. Choose from our highest quality PET polyester acoustic panel, square acoustic panels, and more. They are made of rigid fiberglass or polyester foam, with a fabric covering on both sides. In the construction industry, they are used to reduce noise levels in offices.

Acoustic Panels for Soundproofing, Noise Dampening, Studio Acoustics, and more. These panels are made of polyester fiberglass and are 14-gauge, one-sided with a wood frame. Acoustic panels are an essential component of the PA system. Sound waves are reflected and absorbed by the panels, which reduces reverberation in the room. PET Polyester Acoustic Panels usually consist of a fabric diaphragm and a steel frame