Audiometric Booth (4 feet x 4 feet x 7 feet)

Original price was: ₹199,999.00.Current price is: ₹149,999.00.


Audiometric Screening Booth is designed for Medical offices & Clinical applications, School Hearing Testing, Industrial Hearing Conversation programs. Audiometric Booth is a practical & High-Quality Booth specially engineered to provide outstanding performance and meet ANSI Standard’s norms.


Construction of the Audiometric Booth will be dismountable & Modular Opening will allow easy Maintenance.

Audiometric Booth will be with Base Frame comprised of MS Channel of Size 100 x 50mm (ISMC Approved) will be grouted in Floor which would provide the complete Support to the whole Structure.

OUTER ENVELOP: The panel construction consists of 100mm thick Acoustic Panel comprised of 1.6mm thick high-Quality CRCA make of Jindal or TATA Steel & Inner surface will be of 0.6mm G.I. perforated sheet having 42% exact open area for the maximum Dissipation of Sound energy. Internal Supporting Plate will be 16 gauge thick Sheet. Finally Automotive paint will be done on outer Surface Color will be chosen by the customer.

Absorption Material: Providing and fixing acoustically treated lining on walls & ceiling of the room by means of 100 mm thick 96 kg/m3 density rock wool slabs, GI channel framework fixed to walls and covered with glass fibroid tissue paper including cladding of the rock wool insulation. Confirming IS 8183.

Isolation Layer: A 4.0 mm thick polymeric membrane, Tested from LGAI Technological Center S.A. Applus + CTC, as per UNE-EN ISO 140-3:1995, Sound damping material having high density (2000kg/m3), asphalt-free, visco-elastic, its special characteristics to reduces insulation leaks very considerably, owing to the resonance frequency and coincidence frequency .This permits increasing the soundproofing throughout the whole frequency spectrum.

INNER FINISH: The Inner Structure of Audiometric Booth will be finally finished with Fabric of your Choice.

DOOR: The Acoustic door shall consist of single leaf sound reducing door having 100 mm thickness. The doors leaf comprise of cold formed frame clad on both sides with 1.6 mm external sheet & inner side door covered by Acoustic foam.

High Duty Neoprene gasket between CRCA sheet cladding and frame with heavy duty hardware, and heavy duty locking mechanism will be used. Door will be fixed with high quality neoprene gasket to remove all the air gaps.

VIBRATION ISOLATION: Booth having Vibration Isolation structure to prevent Noise passes through Vibration.

VISION PANELS: Providing sound proof glass vision panel for easy visibility of size 650mm x 400mm

ELECTRICAL ARRANGEMENT: Providing and fixing of Jack Panel for headset Connectivity,  electrical wiring & Switch board for Lighting, Fan. Complete with all Accessories.

FLOOR: Floor area is covered with PVC MAT flooring 2mm thick.

SIZE: Outer size: – 4 ft X 4 ft X 7 ft  (L x W x H

Audiometic Booth Noise level during Audiometric Testing :-

Octave – Band Centre Frequency 125 Hz 250 Hz 500 Hz 1000 Hz 2000 Hz 4000 Hz 8000 Hz 10000 Hz
Noise level as per ASNI Standard 46 32 21 26 34 38 40 43

PERFORMANCE: Audiometric Screening Booth designed for high Insertion loss for outside interferences, the Maximum Noise Level inside the Booth is 26 – 28 dB (A) at an ambient of 50 – 52 dB (A).  i.e 25 db Insertion Loss.