Envirotech Grooved Wooden Slats – G21

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✅ Size:  2440mm x 128mm x15mm (LxWxH)

✅ Area: 1 Length Covers 3.8 Sq. Ft.

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Envirotech Acoustic Grooved Slats Acoustical Wood-based panels with lineal perforations. The panels shall be fire-resistant grade with melamine laminate panels 2440mm x 128mm x15mm with 3mm slats at 14/21/28mm pitch, Tongue and Groove edges for seamless mounting. The back of the panels is perforated with 10mm diameter circular holes with a nonwoven fabric covering of 0.2mm for providing Sound absorption via the acoustic impedance method. The panel is to be fixed on Strut Keen18 framework with screw fixed horizontal/vertical to cross channel 25 mm at every 600mm c/c with center & edge bracket in tongue & groove system on Strut Keen 18 framework. The paneling work shall be done completely in all respects as per detailed working drawings. The paneling should be properly done in proper alignment and level as per the satisfaction of the Architect/E.I.C all complete for all heights and levels. 

Wall Absorption Specification with Wooden Slats:

Providing and fixing woodworks perforated panels of width 128mm, The thickness of 15mm, and length of 2440 mm or as required by the approving engineer, made of a high-density MDF board substrate with a laminated facing as per the desired shade / species & finish and melamine balancing layer on the reverse side. The board shall have a special perforation pattern where the visible surface has a fluted perforation of 3 mm width and 21mm of visible panels each. The panels shall provide a minimum sag resistance of RH 90 and a fire rating class of 1 as per Part 7 of BS 476. The edge of the panel shall be tongue and grooved to receive special clips for installation.

G21 Grooved Wooden Slats are engineered with precision-cut grooves to effectively absorb sound waves, mitigating noise levels and controlling acoustic reverberation. They are ideal for creating acoustically comfortable environments in settings such as offices, conference rooms, auditoriums, and restaurants.


Flowery Wenge, Fusion Maple, Highland Pine, Nyana Teak, Oxford Cherry

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