Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panels


Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panels

Envirotech Systems Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panels are the best choice for acoustic panels as it provides absorption and reflection both the properties, which improves sound quality. The Micro Perforated acoustic panel also provides good aesthetics for the interior with its pattern and design as well as acoustic property.

The Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panel is designed to trap the echo and improve the reverberation time. With 0.50-0.60 dia mm micro-perforation, at a distance, this micro-perforation is practically not visible and keeps the finish completed. The Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panel have different baseboards as per architect design or site requirement as WPC/HDF/MDF/PLY board with 10mm dia perforation that is covered with 1mm thick Acoustic fleece.

The surface of the panel is 1-0.80 mm thick Mica Laminate that is punched with numerous tiny micro-perforations which can provide an excellent NRC value of 0.86.

Technical Specification:

Envirotech Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panels and Wall panels are made of 16 mm thick 650kg/m3 High Density Perforated WPC Boards. The Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panels acoustic panels top sheet will be of 1mm thick Mica laminate with Micro Perforation Punch (Micro Perforation Circular Dia up to 0.60mm at a distance of 02 mm c/c as per acoustic design and Mica Colour and shade as per Engineer In charge / Architect’s approval. The 16mm thick WPC base board having 10 mm Circular Dia perforation as per acoustic design, the acoustic panels to be backed with black acoustic fleece of 140 GSM to absorb the high frequency of the sound for better NRC value up to 0.85. Base of the Micro Perforated panels is made out of 16mm thick 650kg/m3 High Density WPC board. Size of the Micro Perforated Panels 600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 600x2440mm with square edge as per acoustic design. All joints of WPC panels should have Groove dowel connection to avoid any sagging/unevenness.  Ultra Micro Perforated Ceiling Panels All WPC Panels should be fixed on Extruded Aluminum Keel system with butter fly clamp or Grid system as per site requirement. Cavity of grid shall be filled with Glass Fiber Tissue Paper Laminated Rockwool density 64 kg/m3 confirming to IS 8183 for best absorption (NRC) value 0.86.

✅ Density 650-800kg/m3

✅ NRC Value 0.86

✅ Size 1200mm x 2400mm / 600mm x 2400mm

Water Resistant

Fire Rating Class 1

Termite Resistant

Borer Resistant

Thickness 12mm / 16mm / 17mm (Customised)

Finishes – Mica Laminate of Make (Merino/Century/Greenlam/Orchid)


Restaurants, Studios, Home Theatres, Ceilings, Walls, Hallways, Public Spaces, Offices, Airports, Concert, Night Clubs, Practice Rooms, Swimming Pools, Cafeterias, shopping malls, Conference Rooms, Classrooms, Hospitals, Lobbies, Exhibition Spaces, Train Stations.


11mm, 16mm